L*Space fashion show : Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Miami

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L* Space rocks the runway during the Mercedes-Benz fashion Week-Swim with their electric prints and mix and match solids.


beach-chic : Monica Wise talks about her vision for L*Space

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Monica Wise backstage at L*Space 2010 fashion show during the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim in Miami Beach. (Photo courtesy of L*Space)

During the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week-Swim in Miami, Monica Wise, designer of L*Space, unleashes yet another stunning collection of women’s swimwear embellished with gorgeous gold and silver hardware, as well as ultra-luxe fabrics.  L*Space is a household name in the swimwear world, as Monica is a seasoned designer who knows what a woman wants, in fit and style. The beauty of L*Space is that it’s extremely versatile. The swim tops and bottoms are meant to be mix and match depending on the moment. Wildly popular is L* Space’s Slinky Solid fabrication, soft and eco-friendly, this group drapes a woman’s body with smooth lines and seamless construction.

Monica keeps her swimwear collection fresh and innovative by re-inventing the formula season after season. The 2010 L* Space Collection is striking in its abstract prints, not overtly girly, but each suit exudes sensuality through its silhouette.

L Space 2010 on the runway

L* Space 2010 Collection - fashion show during the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim in Miami Beach.

NL for Lapismar : When did you first realize you wanted to design swimwear?

Monica Wise : Swimwear was always a favorite part of my wardrobe growing up.  I seemed to be wearing swimwear 24/7 during the inception of L*Space back in Florida due to the hot/humid climate.  It just seemed so natural to start designing something I was so passionate about putting on my body.

NL : You have stated that your inspiration originated from living in coastal areas such as Florida and now So. Cal, but what inspires you today in your design and how do you keep motivated?

Monica Wise : Now that I have a number of season’s under my belt designing swimwear and resort wear I find inspiration everywhere from handbag detail to vintage fabrications.  It’s very easy to stay motivated. Having won my third year of
 “Best swimwear brand of the Year” from Sima also keeps me excited to continually re-create my collection!

NL : What does the L* Space 2010 collection embody?

Monica Wise : I love this season’s collection! it’s all about the combination of fabrics, hardware and design. Obviously very LUXE Looks with great detail to the hardware which we incorporate throughout the entire line as well as Slinky Solid Eco-Chic fabrications, Super Sexy One-pieces with Plunging Necklines.  We’ve also focused the 2010 collection on Numerous vintage prints as well as geometric prints.

NL : Whom do you design for?

Monica Wise : An L*Space girl is fit and comfortable with her body.  She’s not shy to stand around in a Bikini in front of strangers. She absolutely loves color and loves to stand out on the Beach.  It’s all about the attitude and confidence.

NL : What do you enjoy most about being a swimwear designer?

Monica Wise : I love the challenge of beating my last collection as well asI love the phase of designing hardware and building the collection!   Holding L*space in store Trunk shows and hearing the testimonies from our customers gives me a total sense of accomplishment.

NL : L* Space has been a favorite of celebrities like Lindsay Lohan, Cameron Diaz, and Jessica Alba, just to name a few, and its great fit is obvious why L* Space is a big name, but in your opinion, why do you think your collection year after year has continued to receive rave reviews?

Monica Wise : I’ve always felt that we had to re-create each collection to keep it fresh on the retail level.  Too many designers continually recolor, repeat their previous collections.  I want to deliver product that is different, compelling and very special!  Entertain your customers/audience!

NL : Do you have any fashion designers as an important point of reference for your designs? And if so, who?

Monica Wise :  I’ve always loved and followed the musician and designer Gwenn Stefani who continually pushes the envelope with her Brand LAMB.  I try to do the same thing in the swimwear sense: push the envelope!

NL : Your collaboration with the Omni Peace Foundation to create the Omni Peace Collection is beautiful and so purposeful, do you see anymore partnerships in the near future with other non-profit organizations?

Monica Wise: I will absolutely do some type of collaboration with every collection!  I love giving back to a GREAT cause.  I am super excited for the charitable foundation that I chose for 2011 and I think EVERYONE will feel the same once we’ve announced it!

NL : How do you intend women to feel when wearing L*Space swimsuits?

Monica Wise : Someone once quoted “ a Bikini is not  a bikini unless it can be pulled through a wedding ring”.  With that said it’s all about feeling SEXY, confident and comfortable with the Suit and the body~

NL : How do you see L*Space will evolve in the next 5 years?

Monica Wise : My vision of L*space is to become an iconic Brand known worldwide expanding into an extensive resort line and beyond.  Swimwear is Just the beginning!