luli quiere rumba : an interview with Lourdes Hanimian

Posted in conversations, fashion by Lapismar Swimwear on December 10, 2009

LuliFama_Lourdes_MBFW_Miami Swim_2010

Lourdes Hanimian and Augusto Hanimian at the Luli Fama 2010 fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim in Miami Beach. The show was held at the Oasis at The Raleigh on July 19, 2009. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Vibrant. Hypnotic. Playful. Seductive. These are some of the words one associates with the essence of Luli Fama. Namely, the 2010 collection has an electric mix of prints and rich colors that were inspired by Miami’s explosive energy and picturesque beaches. This collection is the most exciting collection yet for Luli Fama. Their hottest swim trends range from sexy cut-outs , to paisley and confetti prints, to cover-ups that are versatile for the pool or party.

I had a chance recently to find out first hand from Lili Fama’s designer, Lourdes Hanimian, about her 2010 Collection aptly named “Luli Quiere Rumba.”

NL for LAPISMAR : When did you first realize you wanted to design swimwear?

LOURDES for LULI FAMA : I loved swimwear all my life.  Living in Miami and having the beach as my playground was great.  I started working for a swimwear company and then was hooked for life.

NL : The seduction of Miami does offer a lot of inspiration. What inspires you to design and how do you keep motivated?

LOURDES : I love to travel and get inspiration from my trips.  Music is also one of my passions and believe it or not I do get inspired by music.

NL : What does the Luli Fama 2010 collection embody?

LOURDES :The Luli Fama 2010 collection was designed with life in the city of Miami.  The colors from the ocean and the sky at sunset the high energy and electric vibe.  The strong sounds of Latin beats and the sexiness of the city.  A party of life!

NL : I love the sexy silhouettes and the sophisticated styles of Luli Fama from the 2010 collection, but how do you think it differs from the previous seasons?

LOURDES : This year it’s brighter and prints are stronger.  The cuts are sexier and easier to wear.  We design bottoms that do not dig into your hips.  They were seen in “People Stylewatch” magazine as the “no muffin top” bottoms.

NL : Who do you design for? (as in the story behind the girl who wears your suits)

LOURDES : The “Luli” girl loves fashion.  She is sexy yet has a soulful heart.  She loves to be the “star” on the beach!

NL : How do you stay abreast of the trends?

LOURDES : It’s not so much to stay abreast of the trends, but more to create them.  When you come up with a fabulous suit, somehow it becomes a trend.

NL : What makes Luli Fama stand apart from the other lines?

LOURDES : We stay to ourselves.  If we see another designer doing something, we respect them for it and do something else.

NL : You serve a wide range of prints and silhouettes; when a woman is looking for something suitable to wear, how should they choose the suit most suitable for them?

LOURDES : They have to choose something that makes them feel confident.

NL : What are 3 best accessories to wear with a great Luli Fama bikini?

LOURDES : A great cover up, sexy sandals and a confident attitude!

NL : How do you intend women to feel when wearing Luli Fama swimsuits?

LOURDES : Happy !!

NL : What’s in store for Luli Fama in 5 years?

LOURDES : Wow…. that’s far ahead!  Re-inventing ourselves each year and maybe a flagship store.

Luli Fama gives us another reason to fly to Miami, all in the name of work.