find the perfect bathing suit style for your body type.

Posted in fit advice by Lapismar Swimwear on December 9, 2009

The beauty of the female body is that it comes in all shapes and sizes. With a plethora of swimwear designers addressing the many different body types, it is no longer hard to find something that is both flattering and accentuating.  One of the most important things in dressing is to accentuate your best features and downplay your least favorite, but this method works best when you are completely honest with yourself. If you’re unsure, recruit an honest friend who doesn’t sugar coat and ask her for her advice on what she thinks is your best feature to work around. Still unsure which styles are best for your body? I’ve complied a list of Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to swimwear styles for different types of body. Keep in mind that these are not “hard” rules, they’re better used as guidelines when shopping for swimwear.



Small Bust

·       You have more versatility in styles here from triangles to bandeaus.·       Light padding is great.

·       Thin string triangles look clean.

·       Tops that have light embellishments such as beading, ruffles and crystals also add volume

·      If you’re really small, stay away from hard, molded, and/or thick padding, as this will only overwhelm the chest and making the pads too visible.

Large Bust

·       Anyone over the size of 36C would be considered to have a larger bust.·       Thick strap triangle tops are excellent for support, even better would be an additional thick band at the bottom of the cup sizes.

·       Well-constructed bra-style tops are another good alternative.

·       Avoid spaghetti string triangle tops for the obvious reason that it causes the look of saggy breasts.·       Bandeau tops are also dangerous and should be avoided at all costs, unless you get one with removable straps that can be worn and then removed when you tan.

Muffin Top (fuller middle)

·       Adjustable side ties bikinis allow versatility and doesn’t pinch the skin.·       Some wavy bottoms are soft enough too that they don’t pinch.

·       Fold-over soft fabrication at the waist.

·       Thick elastic waisted bands.·       Small string bikinis, as this reveals too much skin. The point is you want to conceal the fuller middle, not expose as much of the stomach and thighs as possible.

Short Legs

·       Bikini bottoms that are cut high are ideal.·       If you like the “boy shorts” look, try a hipster cut, which is higher cut but is an updated version of the boy short. ·       Stay away from boy shorts and skirted swim bottoms, as this shortens your legs.

Wide Shoulders

·       The key is to emphasize your bottom and downplay the top.·       Be a little creative and mix and match tops and bottoms. Maybe try a vibrant, colorful bottom with patterns and pair it with a solid colored top, to draw the eyes to the bottom.

·       Bra-style tops are also good.

·       Avoid deep-plunging halter-tops.·       Tops that have too much fabric or embellishments.

Pear-shape (bottom heavy)

·       This is the opposite of the “wide shoulders.”·       You’d want to draw more attention to the chest area with gorgeous swim tops embellished with beads, crystals, and ruffles.

·       Choose a moderate coverage bottom in the smoothes fabrication possible.

·       Keep swim bottoms simple, solid colored, and easy on the eyes.·       Avoid unnecessary fabrics in styles like the skirted or boy-short bottoms.

·       Because you are bottom heavy, also avoid skimpy, Brazilian-cut bottoms.

·       Avoid bottoms with ruffles.

Long Torso or Body

·       You want to balance the “vertical” length of your body. Try horizontal stripes, patterns and embellishments.·       Instead of a solid one-piece, try breaking the line with a cutout monokini or a two-piece bikini set. ·       One-pieces and vertical stripes and patterns.·       Plunging “v” necklines.

Short Torso or Body

·       Similar to the “Short Legs” dilemma, the best bikini bottoms for you will be low-rise and high leg cuts to lengthen the mid section. ·       Avoid fuller bikini cuts with too much fabric and coverage.·       Skirted bottoms and boy shorts, as this will make your body look “stumpy.”

·       One-pieces and horizontal patterns and stripes.

Boy Shape Figures

·       Feminine details are key to the balance.·       Create and accentuate your waistline with styles that have side rings, a belt, sash,  or other details that add “flair” to your swimsuit. ·       Solid colors.·       “Basic” styles with no detailing.

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